Blanched Peanuts Equipment

Blanching represents the start of peanut processing for further use, removing the peanut’s red skin, which can be considered bitter tasting. Most often the heart is also removed. Once completed, the cleaned nut is ready for further processing into a nut butter or paste, or granulated into sizes suitable for products ranging from prepared meals to baked goods or ice cream toppings. In any instance, the best blanching equipment will not only ensure thorough skin removal, but also accomplish this with minimal product shrinkage, to protect your company’s profitability.

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Finished product integrity begins with the right equipment. AC Horn Manufacturing split peanut blanchers offer manufacturers a system that swiftly and thoroughly removes the nut skin for an impressive product throughput. We know that a chief concern is blanching efficiency and our split nut blancher is designed to deliver optimal blanching efficiency on a first pass.

Our machines use soft, rubber-covered components to process or blanch the nuts. This generates less waste, requiring less clean up and improving process sanitation. Our blanching process, by design, reduces product shrinkage. By decreasing product waste and delivering maximum blanching efficiency, Horn peanut blanching equipment improves profit margins for operations both large and small. 


VB-5000 Split Nut Blancher


Blanched Peanuts Equipment

Split Peanut Blanchers

For the highest quality in blanched peanuts, choose the blanchers that are No. 1 in the world — AC Horn Manufacturing’s VB-5000 Split Nut Blancher. The blancher removes the skins and hearts from dried or fully roasted peanuts for the smoothest, cleanest nuts possible — close inspection reveals no traces of worn edges.

The operating range is between 2,000 to 5,000 lbs/hr of roasted or dried peanuts. The product can be blanched free of meal and results in less shrinkage than any other blancher on the market. Operation is simple and reliable. First the blanchers split the nuts and remove the skins, and then the hearts are removed from the halves. Screening separates the halves from the hearts, and aspiration completely removes the skins during the blanching process. Dependable features like a trouble-free adjustable feed hopper and a dual-aspiration system allow you to blanch peanuts for peanut butter, candy and similar products with maximum efficiency.

VB-5000 - Split Nut Blancher

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