Coated Nuts Equipment

Snacking consumers teeter between a preference for better-for-you or indulgent treats. Coated nuts fill that gap in between, simultaneously satisfying a sweet tooth and the desire for healthier eating.  Health-conscious consumers gravitate towards simple, recognizable ingredients and prefer snacks that are portable and convenient, with nuts high on their list. 

Coated nuts combine great taste, crunch and mouthfeel providing a discriminating consumer with a snack choice that meets their desire for a portable, better-for-you snack that delivers an added touch of sweetness or inspired flavor.

AC Horn Manufacturing offers equipment for the slurry based, small batch coating of peanuts, hazelnuts, almonds, pistachios and other nut products.  The high-performance batch coater allows for the production of quality coated nuts in a single machine. 

Key features such as a heavy-duty motor, stainless steel, touch-screen control panel, and casted heating element mean that coated nut equipment from AC Horn is reliable, easy to use and built to last.


Coated Nuts Equipment

M320 Magnum for Coated Nuts

The AC Horn M320 Magnum is used worldwide for the slurry based, small batch coating of peanuts, hazelnuts, almonds, pistachios and other nut products. High-performance batch coating from the M320 Magnum allows for the production of quality, coated nuts in a single machine that is easy to operate and clean. In day-to-day operations, the AC Horn M320 Magnum is a reliable, low-maintenance and low-cost workhorse. 

All M320 Magnums come with a heavy-duty motor, gearbox and agitator built to gently handle the nut products being coated.  Equipped with a NEMA 4 Stainless Steel Control Panel with touch screen control, making recipe programming and product monitoring simple and easy, the M320 Magnum audibly and visually notifies the operator to add ingredients and when the cooking cycle is complete.  Other features include; 24” kettle with casted heating element that ensures even heating and long life, base thermocouples to ensure precision heat, variable speed agitator to handle different type nut products, wash-down motor mounted safely below product with all wiring run through flexible conduit, and heavy-duty castors for ease of movement.

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Seasoning Systems

AC Horn Manufacturing offers seasoning systems for the application of oils, salt, seasoning powders and slurries to your snack products with accurate and consistent dispersion.

Working with your manufacturing team, AC Horn will design your seasoning system to your specific requirements. Our system integration ensures continuous seamless operation shift after shift.

AC Horn Manufacturing equipment is suitable for:

  • Dry Applications – Products that have a natural tack, where the flavoring adheres easily
  • Two-Stage Applications – (Oil and Dry) Products that do not have a natural tack.




  • Our Seasoning and Coating Systems are a perfect solution for an optimized application of liquid or dry ingredients to your favorite food products. 
  • AC Horn continuous flow oil applicators ensure accurate, reliable and consistent ingredient dispersion, producing a high-quality finished product every time.
  • Electromagnetic Scarf Plates provide even, consistent ingredient discharge.
  • AC Horn offers a variety of standard size stainless steel drums specifically designed to maximize consistent seasoning for a variety of products.
  • AC Horn slurry coating applicators deliver precise, consistent pressure coating of high-viscosity liquids and slurry mixtures with accurate weight pickups from 1% to 100%.
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