Continuous Dry Poppers


In 1962 Manley manufactured its first Uniflow Design popcorn popper. Since that time, and through many improvements, AC Horn Manufacturing has been a leader in high capacity, continuous popcorn production systems. We believe there is no higher quality popping system manufactured or designed on the market today.

The Platinum Series offers the latest PLC controls and the highest quality components available. We manufacture a high-capacity, continuous popper that operates automatically from one convenient point of control. With a forced air combustion system, internal laminar baffling, precise burner controls and extra insulation, the Platinum Series Poppers provide all the features you need in your equipment.  In addition, you can expect low operating costs and minimal maintenance requirements.

Regardless of the type of popcorn you are popping, we confidently guarantee superior capacities and popping ratios with our poppers.

Continuous Dry Popcorn Popper

Savory Popcorn Line

Available Options

Infeed screw conveyor Sifting tumbler


Platinum Series Dry Popper Specifications

Model # Max Output*
M419A 200 lbs/hr
90 kg/hr
M448 600 lbs/hr
273 kg/hr
M538 1,500 lbs/hr
440 kg/hr

Actual final output depends upon recipe and customer process. AC Horn Manufacturing will work diligently with you to meet your company's precise processing needs.