M360 Series Cooker/Coater


The AC Horn M360 offers high-volume, consistent production in a single, gas-heated cooker/coater. This all-in-one machine is designed to deliver perfect batches of your sweet popcorn products.

The M360 heats and coats up to 325 pounds of popcorn per hour (based on a 4 to 1 ratio of caramel). The easy-to-operate touch screen controls allow trouble-free recipe programming, precise temperature regulation and product monitoring. The unique design of the internal agitator helps ensure that all popcorn is evenly coated. An electric dump mechanism enables simpler and less physically-demanding operation.

For producers ready for more automation, the M360 is designed as part of a modular, scalable system. Additional kettles and other components can be added to automate the system as your production needs grow.

M360 Series Cooker/Coater

M360 Complete Line

Our M360 Cooker/Coater line is an example of how AC Horn strives to serve every customer’s needs, as the M360 line is custom-configured to fit your space and production requirements. Although the M360 is an affordable option as a stand-alone cooker/coater, we designed this line for companies producing sweet popcorn products with small batch machines, that want to make the jump to more automated systems.

The M360 line is a modular, scalable system. Components can be added to automate your process as production needs grow.

Whatever your specific production needs with popcorn snacks, we can configure an M360 line that is right for you.


The M360 Line

  • Pre-Mix: Slurry is prepared then accurately transferred on demand through the piping system
  • Popping: Raw corn is conveyed, popped, sifted, then set aside in totes for further processing
  • Coating: Slurry is heated above the hard crack. Then, popped corn is manually transferred into the M360 Kettles and coated with slurry
  • Cooling & Separating: Coated Popcorn discharges onto the collection conveyor. It is spread and transferred into the cooler separator where the product is brought to ambient temperature.