Modular Rotary Oven


AC Horn Manufacturing designed the equipment in modular format, to enable this type of rotary oven to connect two or more heating zones together. This allows the processor to link different temperature zones and airflows or processes together to run consecutively, expanding its use beyond that of a single Rotary Oven.

For example, certain types of products such as sunflowers might be brined or wetted to infuse the seed kernel with flavor inside the shell. This type of product will use a drying step to shed the excess moisture followed by a higher-heat roasting step to finish the process, lending itself to a modular rotary drying system.

In many cases, the moisture removal process creates the need for a sanitary wash down construction. Thus the standard Rotary Oven includes continuously welded stainless steel heat zones, full-length access doors and built-in floor drains. And while the standard design has built up a proven track record, these units are often customized to provide the specific features which most benefit a customer’s process. 

Examples Include:

  • Puffing of extruded pellets and products
  • Roasting and drying of certain peanuts and tree nuts
  • Reducing moisture content of crackers
  • Drying of dough-coated nuts
  • Drying of certain in-shell seeds and grains


Modular Rotary Oven